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Hawk Wargames

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Hawk Wargames

Dan Carroll

Hawk Wargames Ltd designs and makes table top games and models for the wargame and collectable miniatures industries. Dropzone Commander, originally conceived and designed by David J Lewis and released in July 2012, has a growing international player base. The entirety of our range is manufactured in the UK.

In mid 2013 Hawk Wargames launched the Dropzone Commander 2 Player Stater Set, which has been said by a number of influential online reviewers, including Beasts of War, as "one of the best 2 Player starter sets ever made" for the wargames industry. We stand by the quality of everything we do, and aim to produce fantastic gameplay, incredible models, and ultimately for enjoyment to be had by everyone who plays the game. There are currently several tournaments held around the UK and internationally each year.

Off the back of the growing success of Dropzone Commander, the next game announced for release is a space combat game called Dropfleet Commander. This is being designed by the fantastic Andy Chambers (one of the creators behind Battlefleet Gothic, 2nd Edition 40K, and many other games), along with the creative team at Hawk Wargames, headed up by David J Lewis. There are many exciting things to come for 2015 and 2016!



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