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Hysterical Games

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Hysterical Games

Dan Carroll

Hysterical Games has formed in celebration of historo-fantasy wargaming; settings which engage both the historical grognard button-counters as much as those who ponder on whether Dwarven women grow beards... It has been our mission to (once again) attempt to break the cycle of fantasy wargaming and question why should every game be swords and sorcery? Why not bolt-action and sorcery?

Panzerfäuste is our flagship game, in which the Dwarves are invading their neighbouring countries in order to once more reclaim their lost homelands. In defence, the Troglodytes to the North and the Gnomes to the South (with island dwelling, barbaric Orcs in support) fight vicious battles. Panzerfäuste promises excellent story-telling, beautiful figurines and ground-breaking game design that will evoke an even balance of crazy fantasy and a respectful nod to the history books. 

Hysterical Games offers the same high quality that they offer their end-consumers to other members of the industry through a variety of services. We offer resin casting, metal casting and 3D printing to a number of small businesses. We promise to inform our clients of all progress throughout the entire process and work hard to meet their expectations. 

Everything we do, we aim to do with honesty and humility, ensuring that the potential to have fun in wargaming exists in all of our work!