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Club Pages


Jez Fairclough


The club atmosphere is casual as are the gaming. We are not hardcore tournament players but some tend to know rulebooks inside and play only with winning in mind while others just play for fun and epic moments.

We're a tightknit bunch of people and the clubs members all know each other outside of wargaming in someway. Be it school, childhood, work or the football club the codeword here is aquaintances.

The club is mainly focused around Warhammer Fantasy but many other games are played regularly. Club funds are spend on expanding this to have playable armies for all races of Warhammer Fantasy. The club has both terrain and three armies that it is possible to borrow as a member.

All members contribute to assemble and paint terrain and miniatures. This is is done collectively or at home depending on the member.


Currently Playing

  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer
  • Bolt Action
  • Mordheim
  • Blood Bowl
  • Warmachine
  • X-wing
  • Armada
  • X-Com
  • Battlestar Galatica




Gaming Sessions

We meet casually to play but weekly painting sessions are almost running all year. Those below this age are still welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. We have no specific venue but use different conference and meeting facilities depending of the number of attendees.

We have 2 membership options:

DKK 50/month- active member. For the member that person the wishes to contribute most possible to the common interest of the club.

DKK 25/month- inactive member. For the person that just want to contribute to the club and be part of the community but might not want to commit to any game him/herself


 Lasse Badsberg-Hansen