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Sons of War

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Sons of War

Jez Fairclough


7+ full size (6’X4’) boards (we now have purchased several scenery mats (urban city, barren wasteland, grassy plain) and have a couple of flocked mats- other tables are painted single colour at a minimum)

– several smaller tables for boardgames, magic etc.

-All in a large Scout hut with room for expansion for more tables when we have more members (and, since the refurbishment, it is pretty warm too).

– Terrain for all boards to a minimum of 25% coverage for 40k to the hyper-dense requirements for games like Infinity…trees, hills, graveyards etc for Fantasy games, but primarily it is 40k based terrain..

– Game arrangement, mainly via our Facebook page (we also have a free forum but this largely unused now). You can just turn up on the night, but nearly everyone arranges games in advanced, and you are much more certain to get a game this way. Join us to chat about topics and club events, as well as to get in touch with local guys and arrange games in advance, so you know what system to bring along etc.

Parking on-site for 7+ cars with space on the road outside for more, walking distance from the train station.

We are currently over 18s only.

Currently Playing

Gaming Sessions

  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer 30k
  • Kings of War
  • X-Wing
  • Warhammer
  • Malifaux
  • Dreadball
  • Infinity
  • Warzone Resurrection
  • Loads of different boardgames

We meet every Wednesday 6.30-10.00pm.
(although we normally have a shutdown over Christmas/New Year)

– £3 per night
– Membership (for upkeep of terrain, tables and Insurance) for 6 months is £10 or for the full year is £15…discount for long term commitment.
– With membership, games night drops to just £2.


Tim Biggs: