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Redditch Wargaming Society (RedWarSoc)

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Redditch Wargaming Society (RedWarSoc)

Dan Carroll


Redditch Wargaming Society (RedWarSoc) was formed in April 2011 in response to a few likeminded individuals stumbling across an old Internet forum thread enquiring as to whether there were any clubs in the area.

At that time Redditch, despite being a large town of more than 100,000 residents, lay in something of a gaming “black hole” with no clubs to speak of within 30 minutes drive. From the response on the forum it sounded like there were at least a handful of people who were interested in getting something going, so we arranged an informal meeting at a local hostelry and came up with a plan to hire a hall for an evening and see what happened. 

We found a small meeting room locally and booked it a week or so in advance, keeping our fingers crossed that more than 3 of us would turn up! To our surprise around 10 individuals turned up, almost entirely from word of mouth having heard about the club from those who had seen our updates on the original forum post. 

From those humble beginnings we expanded very quickly as word spread via various mediums (newspapers, Internet forums, word of mouth, etc.) and after just a few weeks we had to move into a larger hall to accommodate our swelling numbers. The club had by this point reached a critical mass and was well and truly established. Even after more than six years we’re still regularly attracting new members. We currently have space for around a dozen 6×4 boards plus space for card and board games. 

In a nutshell, we’re a bunch of wargamers who have been meeting weekly in Redditch for almost 7 years now.

Gaming Sessions

The club meets every Tuesday evening, apart from Bank Holidays, 6:45 pm to 10 pm.

 The first visit to the club is free but after that the fee is £3 per week for adults and £1.50 per week for under 18s, which covers room rent, GCN annual membership and investment in terrain.

Currently Playing

  • Star Wars Armada [Fantasy Flight]
  • Battlefleet Gothic [GW]
  • Beyond The Gates of Antares [Warlord Games]
  • Blood Bowl [GW]
  • Bolt Action [Warlord Games]
  • CCG (including Magic the Gathering & Pokemon)
  • Dropfleet Commander [Hawk Wargames]
  • Dropzone Commander [Hawk Wargames]
  • Dystopian Wars [Spartan]
  • Epic 40,000 [GW]
  • Firestorm Armada [Spartan]
  • Flames of War [Battlefront]
  • Hordes [Privateer Press]
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault [Fantasy Flight]
  • In Her Majesties Name [Osprey]
  • Infinity [Corvus Belli]
  • Kings of War [Mantic]
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit SBG [GW]
  • Malifaux [Wyrd]
  • Necromunda [GW]
  • RPG (including D&D and Star Wars)
  • SAGA [Gripping Beast]
  • Star Trek Attack Wing [WizKids]
  • Uncharted Seas [Spartan]
  • Warhammer 40,000 [GW]
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle/Age of Sigmar [GW]
  • Warmachine [Privateer Press]
  • Warpath [Mantic]
  • Star Wars X-Wing [Fantasy Flight]


Jason James: