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Trelawny's Armies Gaming Society

Dan Carroll

About the Club

Truro's number one wargaming club!

T.A.G.S. formed in January 2007 as Truro's Wargames Club to play games from Games Workshops 'Specialist Games' range including Mordhiem, Warmaster,Necromunda and Inquisitor.

As the club has expanded we've added more games, such as Infinity, X Wing, Bolt Action, Batman, Warzone, Warhammer Ancients, Secrets of the Third Reich, Horrorclix, Victory at Sea, the fast and furious Frag!, Blood Bowl leagues - and the… unusual… Battle Cattle (cows with guns!!). And as well as that, there are some home-made games, plus a sprinkling of older Games Workshop games including Spacehulk, Dark Future, Gorka Morka, Advanced Heroquest and more.

We have now (Feb 2016) moved to Bazbo Comics, Truro to be in a more gaming focused environment.

So now, as well as playing 'bring and battle' type games, we can play the great games that reward continuous playing with their advance systems, with mdf/plastic scenery and our own customized home built scenery that shows off the skills of our Truro wargaming group.

We often run campaigns and competitions for a wide variety of wargames, many with trophies and prize certificates for the winners. These are open to all gamers, they do get quite busy, so its a good idea to sign-up well in advance!

Currently Playing

  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Age of Sigmar (AOS)
  • X-Wing
  • Infinity
  • Bolt Action
  • Batman
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Warmahordes
  • Warzone Resurrection

Also Playing

  • All GW Specialist Games
  • Frostgrave
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Halo Fleet Battles
  • Osprey Publishing Games (Ronin, IHMN)
  • WH Historial (Wild West, Ancients)
  • Mars Attacks
  • Secrets of the Third Reich
  • Star Wars Armada
  • Victory at Sea


Rob Thomas:

Gaming Sessions

We meet each Tuesday 17.30 to 22.00.

Current subs is £2 per night.

(This is to be reviewed and is likely to drop due to lower costs at our new venue)