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Operation Grenade


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Operation Grenade


Chatteris Warlords Games Society is holding a Axis vs Allies Bolt Action Tournament. Choose the Evil Axis or the Handsome Allies for a full on day of Bolt Action, umm, action! Currently open for 20 participants. there will be basic drinks and snacks facilities at our venue and hopefully a small but beautifully formed licensed bar......


Are priced at £10.
 Available from 10.00pm Wednesday 12th August at


 The King Edward Centre. Chatteris, Railway Lane Cambs PE16 6NF


Event Rules :

•Choose your event ticket (Axis or Allies)
•Choose one 1,000pt army list from any of the army books (including campaign books or theatre selectors)
•No maximum dice, but a maximum of two platoons.
•Maximum of 1 Vehicle Mounted Flamethrower
•There will be three rounds of two hours with a lunch break after the first round.

Prizes :

•First Second & Third Place Trophies for Axis and Allies
•Fubar Prizes
•Best Themed Army
•Other as yet unannounced prizes............

We're hoping to get a few Trade Stalls attending. 

Earlier Event: October 11
Later Event: November 7
Like Shooting Banthas in a Barrel