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‘Itzacon’ or ‘ItzaconEire’ as it is sometimes known, is Galway’s annual Gaming convention. It has reached its tenth year and shows no sign of slowing down. Itzacon X will be held on the weekend of the 19th – 21st February, 2016.
Itzacon was the brainchild of Anita Murray, FanSci’s then Auditor and the convention’s founding director.

Itzacon I was brought forth to much cheering and a lot of happy and soon exhausted gamers in March 2005. This trend was continued by Itzacon II in 2006, that time with added Pirates. It has been claimed that Itzacon III had a Prisoner theme, but when asked, it denied it had a theme, it refused to be themed or filed or any of that kind of thing. Itzacon IV had a Victorian feel to it, but a gentleman never comments on these things. Itzacon V revolted against the previous regimes while still adhering to their remit of great games and fun for all. Itzacon VI seemed to embrace an Art Deco feel, or so they claim. Itzacon VII explored the Yucatan with the Itza people and those beyond. Itzacon VIII wandered through the Spindly Woods and fought the Fizzlers by the Heights. Itzacon IX was terrorised by the giant Millie and faerie tale creatures of all kind. Itzacon X has already happened, or will happen soon, or is happening, or… I think my time machine is on the fritz. Itzacon XI made you review yourself in the mirror, did everyone like what they saw? This year for Itzacon XII embrace your inner demon with a  out of hell theme.

Since Itzacon III we have ran the National Game Writer Award. For too long writers have slaved over creating games only to see players have fun for three or more hours and win a prize. Writers deserve recognition for the work they do and Itzacon seeks to reward this. Who will be next year’s winner? Only time will tell. Rules for admission will be posted on the Itzacon website.

Itzacon XII will place on the weekend of the 19th – 21st February, 2016 in the Aras na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway.


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