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AGM Minutes - 2018

Jez Fairclough

Notes on the AGM held at Warlord on the 1st December 2018


We had the full council in attendance, alongside a number of clubs, a number of whom attended through SKYPE (Including Lasse from our Danish member club). For the first time we had an affiliate along to observe in the person of Simon Toft from Warlord.


The GCN has had a traumatic couple of years, which have seen members coming and going, not always under the best of circumstances, but this meeting was to set the course for the future not remonstrate what has been.

Financially the GCN is in a good place, with healthy bank and PAYPAL accounts which has allowed us during this period of transition to waive the current subscriptions and charges.

The access to specialised insurance continues to prove popular and has been made easier since clubs now go direct to the Company rather than through the complexity of the GCN being a 3rd Party. This also allows clubs greater flexibility in how they wish to arrange or add to their insurance and has proved a boon for those living in areas that would normally attract a higher rate.

The GCN has an effective website, created only within the last three years which allows clubs to join and renew their membership online as well as a number of Facebook pages allowing club interaction.


The main concern of the meeting involved both the viability and relevance of the GCN as we approach 2020. Does the GCN have a place in an age where social media has effectively changed the whole environment of not just this hobby but the entire culture of we live in.

The EGM held in August highlighted three key areas of concern

1) Lack of member club involvement in the running of the GCN

2) Concentration of power within a single person or club

3) The relevance of the GCN to clubs and affiliates

The Main Proposal: The Living Page

After many visits and consultations the Council concluded that there were effectively three major bulwarks of the hobby, the member clubs, the manufacturers and the bricks-and-mortar shops and that a Network that worked for all of their interests would be in the best interest of the hobby as a whole. The result is the Living Page. This was described thus…

MG and JF explained the concept of each member and affiliate having access and control over their own ‘page’ which would contain their club information (as currently required) plus details of games played, events run by or attended by them. In short, a living newsletter in which they can decide which information they want to display to their members and/or the greater Network of member clubs, affiliates and casual browsers. All of these pages would link to a central database allowing all the clubs and affiliates to be part of a dedicated information network. JF and MG will work on the planned upgrade of all current media platforms in the near future to accommodate this. Discussion presented the option to enhance and expand the role of bricks and mortar shops and manufacturers as affiliates of GCN, and the impact this will have on current membership. The key points were as follows…

i) The GCN would provide a one stop information highway for the hobby, allowing the transfer of information between club, shop and manufacturer.

ii) Most of this information would be available as a service to the casual browser, but to take full advantage and partake would require the page facility and status as a club or affiliate.

iii) The information provided by a club on top of normal current requirement would include a list of game systems played such as 40k, X-Wing and Bolt Action, events attended, such as being regulars (whether visitor or exhibitors) at certain shows or participants at certain tournaments down to miscellaneous facts as to whether they make their own terrain. It could also include any interest in taking part in rules testing or putting on sponsored games. The club could use the page to advertise any upcoming show or tournament they might be attending or running. As stated earlier the individual club would decide how much or how little information they would want to include.

iv) The commercial affiliate could use their page, which would undoubtedly be linked to their own website, to advertise their own events or those they are attending. Where this would prove invaluable would be the ability to target clubs, based on keywords in their pages, with direct offers, requests for help with running games at shows, possible play testing of new rules based on the genres of their preferred systems and of course advertising.

v) Some Examples of the possibilities of such a linkage would be as follows…

a) A gamer wants to know what is going on in his or her area, so types in a postcode. Dependent on any filters used, this would bring up clubs, shops and local events with times and locations.

b) A manufacturer is looking for clubs to playtest a new system being developed, so types in the genre. A list of clubs playing in that genre will be displayed, including their propensity for running games at events.

c) A gamer interested in taking up competitions in a particular game system types that in and dependent on filters (area and dates for example) a list of events involving that system will be displayed.

d) A shop looking to tailor its product line and target local clubs would have this information available from members.

vi) The point was raised that this information could be gleaned from Google, but then argued that even Google has its limitations as information may be difficult to filter down or may not even be available.

This was debated in detail and after a spirited exchange the meeting was presented with three options, A & B would be based on the use of the Living Page

A) The GCN should continue and open membership to commercial entities

B) The GCN should continue with the current system of clubs and affiliates

C) The GCN has run its course and should be closed down

The Meeting voted for Option B, some of the disadvantages of the others were that A would bring complications in the tax structure of the network while C, after consultation, would not be straight forward thanks to recent financial regulation. Attendees also felt that the GCN had a future and could fulfil a unifying role with the right support.

The Living Page will slowly come on line over the course of 2019/2020 and clubs are encouraged to join or renew membership under the current system to be ready for the changes as they happen. A notification letter will be sent out following a large ad appearing in February’s Wargames Illustrated.

For this year, the subscription (for members) has been waived. From September 2019, this will be at the current rate of £20 per annum with set charges for affiliates being set at £30 for B & M shops and £40 for manufacturers. Future rates will depend on the take-up of members and affiliates against the cost of maintaining the GCN (The Officials take no remuneration or expenses for their time). It is hoped that these will reduce.

In the light of these changes, it was agreed that the GCN should amend its title from the Gaming Club Network to the Gaming Community Network to better represent its role in the hobby. This will be done over the course of 2019 as the Living Pages come online.

Other Items (in brief)

Volunteering: A call was made for volunteers to help with both the administration of the Network and the online work which is currently focused on the current five officials. The GCN is in need of a Membership Secretary and a Treasurer as these tasks are currently being carried out by the President. The Living Page once set-up should ease the administrative side, but the more online savvy volunteers are needed to help with this to bring it into reality. This would also help take advantage of some of the online facilities offered by the companies (including the administrators of the Lead Adventure Forum).

Housekeeping: The meeting voted to update the bank mandate to remove two ex-officials and add one more.

Retention of experienced Officials: It was proposed that the Council should be able to appoint retired Officials with particular expertise and experience to ensure continuity and provide assistance where necessary. These appointees would provide advice but would not have voting rights.

That ends these notes, GCN member clubs wishing to see the full unabridged minutes should contact myself at

Dave Wise

GCN President

AGM - 1st December 2018

Jez Fairclough


AGM 2018

Warlord, 1 ST December 2018

Doors Open 10am, Meeting to start 11am


1) Financial

2) Proposal for the Future of the GCN

Gaming Community Network

3) Proposal for Non-Voting Council Advisors

4) Council Appointments and Volunteers

5) GCN Limited

6) Any Other Business

SKYPE Facility

We appreciate that for some clubs travelling to the AGM can prove expensive and may present a logistical problem. In this regard there will be a SKYPE facility to enable you to take part in the meeting. Please contact to register or for details.


Due to the current situation within the GCN there will be no elections until a special AGM to be held in the Spring. This is to ensure that the necessary ongoing work is completed. We are looking to co-opt a Membership Secretary and Treasurer.


If there is a failure to adopt the new policies that are being presented, the GCN may be forced to close down. On the other hand it is an excellent chance to be at the start of something that would move the hobby forward.

Good evening, MediaSigned in as

Proposal - The Gaming Community Network 2018.docx22 KB


Media Coordinator (


AGM 2018

Warlord, 1 ST December 2018

Doors Open 10am, Meeting to start 11am


1) Financial

2) Proposal for the Future of the GCN

Gaming Community Network

3) Proposal for Non-Voting Council Advisors

4) Council Appointments and Volunteers

5) GCN Limited

6) Any Other Business

SKYPE Facility

We appreciate that for some clubs travelling to the AGM can prove expensive and may present a

logistical problem. In this regard there will be a SKYPE facility to enable you to take part in

the meeting. Please contact to register or for details.


Due to the current situation within the GCN there will be no elections until a special AGM to be held in the Spring. This is to ensure that the necessary ongoing work is completed. We are looking to co-opt a Membership Secretary and Treasurer.


If there is a failure to adopt the new policies that are being presented, the GCN may be forced to close down. On the other hand it is an excellent chance to be at the start of something that would move the hobby forward.

The Gaming Community Network: A Proposal for the 2018 AGM

It is proposed that the current Gaming Club Network undergo the following changes.

1) That from 1 st January, the membership which has forth past been exclusive to non-commercial clubs be opened out to include two new categories of commercial entity, so the three categories will be...

1) Clubs (Category 1)

2) Bricks and Mortar Shops (Category 2)

3) Manufacturers of Wargaming Products (Category 3)

2) That each commercial entity shall have the same voting rights as a current member.

3) That each member be given a member’s page on which they have a responsibility to

1) Complete, maintain and update their details

2) Choose which details will be available for other members and which to remain undisclosed.

3) Pages will available in three formats one to fit the needs for each class of member

4) Information on Members pages will be linked and cross-referenced with the sections on the Main Page

5) Members will be able to link and communicate directly with each other

6) As each Member will pay an annual subscription, advertising across the network will be free.

4) An annual Subscription will be charged to cover online, financial and legal expenses. These charges are not prescriptive and subject to vote at the AGM each year.

1) Category 1: £20

2) Category 2: £30

3) Category 3: £40

5) The Gaming Club Network will be renamed the Gaming Community Network. There will be no change in tax status as the organisation will continue to work as a non-profit organisation and the required changes in name will be carried out over a six-month period. The Constitution will also be amended and updated to reflect these changes.

6) The Council will continue to be elected at an annual AGM with each member have a single vote. Council members will have a two year period subject to the constitutional rules. How this will be affected by the introduction of commercial members will be debated at the AGM.


1) If successful these categories may be expanded to entities such as gaming centres and professional shows. As the GCN moves totally online, this will allow membership to be expanded worldwide. The GCN already has one Danish club as a member. Where an entity might fall under two or more of the categories, it will be treated as the highest.

2) All members currently have one vote at any general meeting, whether their club has 1,000 or 20 members. This would continue along the same road, with 1 vote for one shop or one manufacturer.

3) These ‘pages’ would reflect the needs of each category of member. It would allow a manufacturer or shop to advertise new lines, provide links to their own sites, target offers and events, look for demonstrators, play-testers, writers, even provide employment opportunities through the extensive cross-referencing system once built (we make no illusions that this will not be an overnight job but once the links are done it should allow for light touch moderating.

4) As stated in section 5 the Network will be a non-profit organisation so that the long term aim is to keep costs to members as low as possible to encourage participation. None of the Council members are paid and indeed do not claim expenses except where they relate directly to the cost of running the organisation.

5) Switching Club for Community in the name keeps the essential identity and makes it easier to transition from one to the other. It reflects the changes we want to make, moving away from representing the interest of one part of the hobby to providing a service for all branches of the hobby whilst being independent of any one party.

This Proposal will be debated and voted on at the AGM on 1 st December at Warlord.

GCN Update – 31 Aug 18

Jez Fairclough


Following the more than disappointing turnout at the EGM, a letter was put out concerning the future of the GCN which effectively warned of its impending closure should the lack of volunteers and support continue.

There was quite a response from individuals and clubs, almost fully supportive of continuing the GCN.

As a result we have been able to co-opt an emergency Council, based on experience which in turn will attempt to bring the GCN back into relevance. However should the resurgence of support prove to be a damp squib, the GCN’s future will remain in flux. 

This is an update and notice.


 It has been confirmed that the GCN will hold an AGM on 1st December at the Warlord Games HQ in Lenton, Nottingham. There will be space for games and of course the Warlord shop will also be open.

The attendance of as many clubs as possible is desired and to facilitate this, the Council will be arranging a SKYPE facility for those who cannot attend in person.

The Emergency Council will be there in full and it will be a chance to for all of you to discuss and ask questions of the GCN and also shape its future course.

More details will be forthcoming as time goes on.


Confirmation has been received from Access Insurance of the premiums for 2018/2019.

Happily the basic cover remains the same as last year at £78.76

Clubs may continue to add additional sections of cover as they see fit.

Clubs already insured under this scheme will be receiving renewal terms within the next two weeks, so please be sure that your contact details have not changed from last year.

Should you have any queries, or indeed if you are a club wishing to join the scheme, you can contact John Fitzpatrick at

And please do not forget, payment of insurance fees is separate from payment of subs.


These remain at £20 for the year 2018/2019 and entitle the club to partake of the insurance and discount schemes and advertising within the GCN online and through other media.

These will be due for the end of September.

From October we will be relisting the clubs and removing those that have not paid their subs.

You may still renew through the web page.


IMPORTANT: Payments for Insurance and Subs are separate. They cannot be paid together.


Details will be given on the renewal notice issued by Access.

Subs (£20)

Are payable to the GCN. We currently accept payment through bank transfer or cheque.

Bank transfers may be made to

The Gaming Club Network

Barclays Bank


Sort Code: 20-37-13

Account No: 90443050

Please ensure that you reference either your club ID or club name.

Cheques are made payable to ‘the Gaming Club Network’

They can be sent to, the GCN, c/o 65 Church Street, Clowne, Derbyshire, S43 4BJ.

IMPORTANT: This is a change of the address given last year.

Please ensure that you reference either your club ID or club name.


Our Marketing Manager, Carl, has been working through the affiliates to confirm those discounts that are still active. These are listed below.

GCT Studio

Footsore Miniatures

Impact Miniatures

More will be listed as they come in and the website will be amended.

Mantic, Warlord and Battlefoam are currently under review. 


The GCN is more than just discounts and insurance, though it may well have seemed that way in more recent years. Affiliates are looking for more constructive ways of supporting clubs and these are some of the suggestions that have come in from those in the trade. These obviously do not apply in full to every affiliate but provide a broad swathe of ideas.

Promotion of GCN and member club events through the Affiliates own social media.

Support for registered GCN clubs with discounted starter products.

Involvement of the GCN and member clubs in the playtesting of new products.

Special Offers and deals at their own stores and show stands.

Tournament support packages

Use of facilities for free

Organised visits

Affiliates do not want to undercut their own distributors, the bricks and mortar games shops whom often offer their own discount schemes, but are also aware that many gamers in more remote areas may not have access to their products other than online.

If member clubs have more suggestions, they are most welcome to put them forward.

You may contact Carl at


The GCN already has a badge scheme for members and these are available from the Marketing Manager, but other ideas are being revived or instigated.

Currently the GCN has three banners, in the South, the Midlands and the North. Provided they are going to be used as they are quite expensive, we are willing to provide banners for other areas and even theme them accordingly. 

As far as shows, events and tournaments go, this would depend on the support of the clubs, so please do come to the AGM and tell us what you want.


Whilst we have well-designed web and Facebook pages, the time and effort in keeping them fresh and updated requires a lot of work which to date has relied on our Media Manager, Jez. We have also had issues with the host and the expense of doing this especially as payment currently has to be made through a private account, in this case provided by myself, and cannot be made by an organisation. This is not an efficient system for the GCN as when I step down, another member would have to agree to a direct debit from his or her VISA card (albeit reclaimed as expenses).

So with the help of the original designer, Gemma, our ‘techs’ under the Media Manager, will be looking at the current sites and doing some work  on the structure where necessary.  Some help has already been offered in this respect and I believe the AGM will be an excellent chance for prospective moderators to get together with Jez and Martyn. You can contact Jez at


The renewals and applications will be handled by myself and Nick, who has come on board temporarily to act as secretary. Martyn who has just agreed to the role of Regional Manager will be taking a closer look at the way the process is handled online.

Any queries concerning membership and/or the membership process should be sent to the and copied to the .


Whilst Martyn has taken on the role of Regional Manager, his first work will be on the Membership processes and the relocation of the online host. So for the moment this area will not be active. Should you have any thoughts or ideas for the future, you can contact Martyn at


The original idea of the EGM was to co-opt a new Council that would face elections at the AGM.

As it stands, we will only know the viability of the GCN to have a future by the AGM.

Therefore the election process will take place separately at a special AGM in the Spring. This will allow the current Council to complete the current project and enable time to make any necessary changes to the mandates and web contacts.   

Any questions, comments concerning Elections can be made to myself at

Dave Wise


Notice of 2018 Elections

Jez Fairclough


A number of unfortunate incidents over the last year contributed to the Council being forced to concentrate its efforts on rectifying the damage caused by a certain member’s actions.

Our work in this unfortunately meant we had to work to consolidate rather than advance the aims of the GCN and special thanks are in order to both Jez (Media Manager) and Tim (the former Secretary) for their efforts in bringing the Network back up to its full potential.

Due to the difficulty of getting members together due to work and family commitments this led to meetings taking place by Skype rather than in person.

This has also led to the delay in holding a GCN Annual General Meeting and therefore Elections to the Council from October 2017 to May 2018, which was also partly due to finding a suitable venue.


But enough excuses. The AGM, as notified before, will take place on 26 May at Mantic HQ in Nottingham. A number of participation games will be presented so that it will be more of an event as well as a meeting.  Member clubs are encouraged to bring players as these will be running all day. It will also be chance for members to see the latest Mantic offerings and inevitably spend money at the Mantic shop! Clubs who would like to run games should let the President, myself or the current Secretary, Michelle know in advance so that we can organise tables. If enough members attend, Mantic will be able to make hot food available (though you will have to buy this yourselves…).

The Elections

The Council has decided that these will be held twice this year (in May and in October) in order to ensure continuity* as every position is actually up for election. The May elections will be overseen by the President.

Elections for the Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Organiser will take place in May.

Elections for the President, Media Manager and Marketing Manager will take place in October.

*The reasons for this are simple, certain positions require the individual to be a signatory, or designated officer in regards to finance and certain professional areas such as Insurance. For example, as President, my personal address is taken as the GCN registered address for the banks and HMRC. At least three members are required to be signatories on the account. Transferring these, as we have found, is not always a straightforward and quick process!


Any nominee standing for a Council position must be a member of a GCN-registered club which is fully up to date with its membership.

That nominee must be over 18.

The nominee requires 4 nominations from GCN member clubs (which can include your own).  

The nominee must provide a basic manifesto. Who you are, your gaming background, what you’d like to achieve etcetera… It does not have to be elaborate, a single page should suffice just to give clubs an idea who they might be voting for.

Since most Council day-to-day business is conducted though the GCN Facebook we do have to ask that the nominee has access to and is comfortable with using this media.

I would also add that the work of a Council member does require the willingness to give time to the position. The Treasurer is expected to be able to prepare accounts and the Secretary position which now handles membership is particularly busy around September/October.

Basic details of what is expected of a nominee for each position** are given in the GCN Constitution, available on the website. We do ask for flexibility and Council members are expected where possible to attend shows and events and provide a public platform for the GCN.

Because of our planned expansion, these positions can be flexible as new areas are explored.  

**Regional Organiser: This position you will not find in the Constitution. Whilst it has been filled before, the position is a very fluid one, requiring the individual to organise a GCN gaming community in which member clubs (and non GCN clubs) take part in tournaments, shows and other events. 

The Process

Nominees should present their nominations and manifesto to the President by midnight 8th April 2018.

Nominations and Manifestos will be put up on the website for the 15th April 2018.

Clubs will be given the chance to vote directly for their preferred candidate in each position either online or by proxy at the AGM. Member Clubs have one vote for each position up for election. Online voting will run from 21st April until midnight 24th May.

Nominees will be expected to attend the AGM if possible where they will be introduced to the meeting and may give a short account of their manifesto.  This may be read out by a proxy if necessary.

There will then be a secret proxy vote. The proxy votes will be added to the online votes and the winning candidate will be elected to the Council***.

The term for a Council member is two AGMs or two years whichever is the longer. Events have skewed this over the last year or so, but the two AGMs this year will bring this back into line. 

***Unsuccessful candidates may well find themselves offered another position if one remains unfilled or if the meeting decides that other officers are required.


Nominees require 4 nominations and a manifesto to be submitted by 8th April 2018.

The nominee, or a proxy will be required to attend the AGM on the 26th May 2018.

Clubs will be able to vote once for each candidate either online from 21st April until 24th May 2018 or by proxy at the AGM meeting on the 26th May 2018.

Positions up for election are Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Organiser.


All correspondence, queries, etcetera pertaining to the Election should be sent to Dave Wise, the President at

All correspondence, queries, etcetera pertaining to the AGM should be sent to Dave Wise as above, or Michelle Naso at


Dave Wise





General Annoucement

Jez Fairclough

I regret to inform the membership that in the last week, the Council has been depleted yet again by the resignation of the Secretary for family and work reasons.

The Secretary covered the membership process alongside the organisation of meetings.

This brings the total number of Council members down to three out of a possible eight.

Running the organisation with four members was in the long term unsustainable, with three it is nigh impossible.

When the Vice President ceased to take part earlier this year, without a word or a response to our many efforts at communication, he took with him the documentation, the financial papers and many of the passwords. This involved much hard work in rebuilding the framework, changing mandates and re-scheduling processes. I had stepped back due to my battle with the effects of advanced diabetes and had expected to retire before the AGM which has been necessarily delayed while we carried out the above.

The fact is that for those of you that remember the days of a full committee under the presidency of Tony Barnes, who tragically passed away suddenly in 2014, it was a time when at least two out of the eight members were either not in work or fully retired with the time to put their full efforts into running and expanding the Network. There were also a large number of supporting volunteers.

For me as President, Jez as Media and Chris as Marketing, it is a different matter. We are all three in full time work, we all work weekends and/or shifts and we all have family commitments. Volunteers have drifted away. Apathy may play a part, as will work and family commitments.

The GCN has a secure financial base, a membership process that works and a well-designed website and good relationships with the retail side of the hobby. It is a well-trimmed ship without a crew.


In short the GCN requires volunteers, to help run the administration, the social media and get involved in attending events on behalf of the GCN.

We are especially looking for members with some experience in social media, finance and administration. All of this work is unpaid, but being on the Council allows you to directly shape the future of the GCN, but even just helping with the day-to-day work will help retain the GCN’s independence.

Without such a base of volunteers, the Council will have to consider winding up what has been an honourable attempt at bringing people together as there is just too much work to be left in the hands of so few.


If you can help please contact Jez at or myself, Dave, at


The AGM has been scheduled for late April in 2018. This will be set at Christmas, alongside all the information about elections etcetera.

However if we fail to garner enough support, the Annual General Meeting will instead become an Emergency General Meeting where we will be forced to instigate the closure of the GCN.


As this is now a separate entity (the GCN now facilitates a lower cost but is otherwise uninvolved) this will not be affected.