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Jez Fairclough

I regret to inform the membership that in the last week, the Council has been depleted yet again by the resignation of the Secretary for family and work reasons.

The Secretary covered the membership process alongside the organisation of meetings.

This brings the total number of Council members down to three out of a possible eight.

Running the organisation with four members was in the long term unsustainable, with three it is nigh impossible.

When the Vice President ceased to take part earlier this year, without a word or a response to our many efforts at communication, he took with him the documentation, the financial papers and many of the passwords. This involved much hard work in rebuilding the framework, changing mandates and re-scheduling processes. I had stepped back due to my battle with the effects of advanced diabetes and had expected to retire before the AGM which has been necessarily delayed while we carried out the above.

The fact is that for those of you that remember the days of a full committee under the presidency of Tony Barnes, who tragically passed away suddenly in 2014, it was a time when at least two out of the eight members were either not in work or fully retired with the time to put their full efforts into running and expanding the Network. There were also a large number of supporting volunteers.

For me as President, Jez as Media and Chris as Marketing, it is a different matter. We are all three in full time work, we all work weekends and/or shifts and we all have family commitments. Volunteers have drifted away. Apathy may play a part, as will work and family commitments.

The GCN has a secure financial base, a membership process that works and a well-designed website and good relationships with the retail side of the hobby. It is a well-trimmed ship without a crew.


In short the GCN requires volunteers, to help run the administration, the social media and get involved in attending events on behalf of the GCN.

We are especially looking for members with some experience in social media, finance and administration. All of this work is unpaid, but being on the Council allows you to directly shape the future of the GCN, but even just helping with the day-to-day work will help retain the GCN’s independence.

Without such a base of volunteers, the Council will have to consider winding up what has been an honourable attempt at bringing people together as there is just too much work to be left in the hands of so few.


If you can help please contact Jez at or myself, Dave, at


The AGM has been scheduled for late April in 2018. This will be set at Christmas, alongside all the information about elections etcetera.

However if we fail to garner enough support, the Annual General Meeting will instead become an Emergency General Meeting where we will be forced to instigate the closure of the GCN.


As this is now a separate entity (the GCN now facilitates a lower cost but is otherwise uninvolved) this will not be affected.

Membership Renewals Notice

Jez Fairclough

In a change from previous years membership subscription and Public Liability Insurance will be dealt with and paid for separately.

This is due to a change in financial regulations that no longer allows the GCN to act as a collector and holder of monies for the Insurance Company. An explanatory letter from Access Insurance has been attached to this notice.

The two items will be dealt with as follows…

Membership Subscription

This will remain at £20 for the year 2017/2018. Clubs should go through the renewal process via the membership section. The only difference will be that the GCN cannot currently accept payment by PAYPAL. Payment can be by Bank Transfer or Cheque (details will be give when you renew).

PLI Insurance

For clubs already insured through the GCN, Access Insurance has been passed your contact details (as given on the club listing) and will contact you directly. Should these details have changed please notify myself at Discount applies only to GCN member Clubs and the full quote has been set at £78.76 for the year 2017/2018.

For clubs not already insured through the GCN but who would like to join the insurance scheme, please contact and he will bring you into the scheme.

In Conclusion

It is my belief that these changes will make for a smoother administrative process. Instead of waiting for Access to email documents to the GCN which are then emailed to the club, the Insurers will be sending them directly and receiving payment in the same way. Also the GCN will not have the burden of administrative costs and more importantly time lost. 

Should you experience any difficulties or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself at

David Wise

GCN President

GCN Member Groups Insurance.jpg


Jez Fairclough

On Friday last, the Council accepted the resignation of the Vice-President, Dan Carroll.

The responsibility for membership issues will pass to the Secretary.

The responsibility for finance will pass to the President.

The GCN has been under pressure for some months due to the Council being effectively at half-strength and reliant on volunteers who have to balance the work they do for the GCN with the needs of family and work. Illness has also taken its toll.

We are now re-organising the administration, so that necessary tasks will be the responsibility of teams rather than individuals as this has caused problems with communication and quick action.

Please bear with us as we are currently going through the official correspondence of the Vice-President to catch up with enquiries and new memberships.

The GCN has many ambitions for the future, but these will remain aspirations without enough capable members standing on the Council. Currently of the eight positions on the Council, only four are filled. A Council member’s remit does require tact, patience and work, whether on administration, through social media or attending/organising events. We are especially eager to find a Treasurer able to handle both the GCN and GCN Limited accounts and a Regional Organiser with the experience and charisma to drive forward national and local GCN representation and activity.

If you want to get involved please contact myself the President at or the Media Manager at

For membership issues please contact the Secretary at

This is your GCN, please support the network.


David Wise

GCN President

Newsletter Sign Up

Jez Fairclough

The GCN is looking to put a newsletter out filled with reviews, information and varous other things from its member clubs.

If your interested in getting a copy of the Newsletter each time its published, just fill in the form and you'll be added to the list.


Council Elections

Dan Carroll

This year at our AGM we have the elections coming up for the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Regional Development Officer

Below are the expectations of each role:



Any member of a GCN member club may put themselves forward for consideration if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • They must be a member of an existing GCN Club
  • They must secure the backing of 4 existing GCN Member Clubs
  • They must complete a short manifesto (no more than one A4 page)

For details on the roles and responsibilities see the amended Constitution on the amendments to the GCN Constitution article. 

Nominations are to be submitted to the Vice President Dan Carroll using the form below no later than Wednesday 28th September. Unless notified otherwise an incumbent is assumed to be standing for their current position.

Notice of eligible nominees and their individual manifestos will be published here on this website on the 29th September along with details on how to vote