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The GCN and its Affiliates


The GCN and its Affiliates

Dan Carroll

Throughout it's history, the GCN has always striven to work closely with companies within the tabletop gaming industry. In doing this we have been able to do a wide range of things to support our members, from advertising our affiliates through getting our affiliates to advertise us and even getting companies to very kindly offer our members exclusive discounts and offers. Over the past few weeks the number of companies  working with the GCN seems to have grown exponentially and is showing no signs of stopping! 

Now with our new website we are able to truly show off the amazing companies that we are proud to be working with!

First up we have our Affiliates page where we advertise some fantastic companies within the tabletop gaming industry.  Here you can find out more about them and what it is they do as well as links to their pages. You will also find on our events page where any tournaments, open days or general events run by any of these awesome companies are there as well! Check out the affiliates using the link below.

Secondly we have the Offers page, no doubt the page most of you are interested in! Here we have  a growing number of companies seeking to help out our member clubs get to grips not just with their own games but with our amazing hobby in general. With companies selling games, models, scenery and the hobby supplies to put them all together, our current offers package allows clubs to really push the boat out with their hobby and try out loads of new and exciting games! 

So if you are part of a gaming club which is not yet a part of the Network, why not? With such amazing offers open to member clubs as well as the advertising we supply and things such as PLI  get yourself over to the membership page and get your club signed up now!

On the other hand if you are an organisation within the tabletop gaming industry and are wanting to work with the GCN head to the contact us page and let us know!!