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Announcement regarding the cessation of The Gaming Club Network and Games Workshops affiliation


Announcement regarding the cessation of The Gaming Club Network and Games Workshops affiliation

Dan Carroll

Following an internal review, Games Workshop has expressed concern over the extent of the Child Protection Policy required by the GCN for its member clubs. In short, they believe it does not go far enough when compared to their own child protection policies.
Therefore in order to remain as an affiliate they have requested that the GCN do the following:

1: That all Council Members and Committee members of clubs be asked to undergo DBS checks.
2: That these should take place even within clubs that do not allow members under 18.
3: That the GCN sign an undertaking to do this.
4: If the GCN does not agree to the above, GW requested they instead change their
     membership requirements to only accept clubs whose members are 18 and over.

The GCN has examined the request and refused on the following grounds:

1: That it would be illegal for the GCN to request its members to undergo DBS checks. For this reason alone it could not be voted on by the membership. This was even before administrative and legal costs were taken into consideration
2: That to sign undertakings of this nature would open both the Council members and Club Committee members to legal action.
3: In addition it was felt that the GCN has already has a stringent Child Protection Policy that equals and exceeds any of theequivalent hobby organisations including model railway and chess. 
4: The GCN cannot agree to a restriction of the types of clubs that can become members as it is in opposition to the GCNs mission statement to support and encourage the activities andinterests of
Clubs and Individuals in the Gaming Community in the UK and to promote best practice within the Gaming Hobby and Community.

After a final meeting, both parties agreed to end their affiliation as neither was able to move from their positions as given above.
It was agreed that a joint statement, agreed by the GCN Council and GW Management would be issued to prevent any negativity from either side against the other. 
A preliminary statement incorporating modifications as suggested by the full GCN council has been completed and will be presented to GW next week. Once GW has agreed to that statement, it will be formally presented for final approval by the GCN Council at a special meeting on the 10th October 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us either through this site or through one of our Facebook pages.


Dan Carroll