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Age of Tyrants Kickstarter


Age of Tyrants Kickstarter

Dan Carroll

So for the past year or so the GCN has worked with Rob Alderman in several ways, first with Prodos Games and then with his own company Hysterical Games. Now he is involved in getting the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter up, running and out to the wargaming masses.

Age of Tyrants is set in the futuristic, alternate universe of the Draconis Alba galaxy. This 6mm game is designed around a combined arms warfare where you pull together the different parts of your army to complete your objectives.

The game has 4 factions within it, with forces all mounted on 50mm square bases organised into platoons of 4 bases and companies of 4 platoons.

The main reason we are looking at this is the fact that they have several pledge levels perfect for clubs to get started. On there you have 2 different 2 player pledges with either all infantry armies or mixed armies both of which come with 2 rulebooks, dice sets, counter and card sets.


You also have 4 player sets designed in a similar way with all infantry or mixed companies.

If you want to know or want to get pledging and helping these guys bring these project to fruition check it out here