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A New Way of Thinking


A New Way of Thinking

Jez Fairclough

Running a club is no walk in the park. There is always a new challenge or obstacle for you to navigate round and is always guaranteed to test your abilities and resourcefulness.

Aside from keeping the peach and entertaining those whom you have managed to attract there is always the challenge of club advertisement. This doesn’t sound like a grand challenge or a subject to be too concerned with, which was exactly my mentality for a long while. But then you start to feel like you are missing something or you may have found yourself in a slump where attendance is dwindling, this is where the true test begins.

Can you pull things back? Are you able to attract new people and show a new face of your club to the world?

But despite how difficult things are and how money orientated the world around you can be, there is always a silver lining, places and people that always seem to come out of the wood work just at the right time, giving you are looking for them and just as much as we all do with our tabletop games.....we just simply have to think outside the box.

I found myself in this very situation with the BASILDON WARBOYZ. I have considered what i thought to be every possibility of club advertising that was at low cost with a long life span. Anything from flyers, business cards, websites, news paper ads, banners.

But then an epiphany was had, where i realised this was all third party advertisement, they were all disengaged from the very people i was trying to attract. One thing you must all remember when running a club is that we are all community clubs, most of us non-profit and if you use those terms instead of War gaming club, Hobby club etc you will be surprised as to the change in response.

Now armed with this frame of mind and knowledge i went in search for the out of the box solution to advertise the game, something that can engage those who we want to inspire, allow us to cast an impression rather than just shadow, then it hit me.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a stand at our local shopping centre and that was that, I wasted no time at all in contacting the manager of the East Gate Shopping Centre and pitched the club like was trying to sell it and surprisingly enough the manager loved the idea and immediately offered us dates that were available.

So now i have exactly what i wanted, a new way to advertise the club and engage with people in the mean while, unfortunately the challenge was not yet over, I was now faced with having to strategise how we could maximise the use of this stand and its space. So we did the one thing we thought would attract attention for sure, we decided to set up multiple games where we could play to show it off and allow new people to watch and have a go.

Chris Brown
Basildon Warboys