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The GCN and the future

Dan Carroll

Good evening everyone! Over this past year we have seen several changes to the inner workings of the GCN, with the new website and a new email system being two of the big ones. We are now in a position to push forward and expand on what the Network offers our members and the wargaming community as a whole.

With this in mind we have 6 big changes coming through over the next couple of months they are:

  • The brand new Newsletter - starting off as a quarterly publication and moving to monthly as the subscriptions increase. This will feature articles and reviews from our member clubs showing off the awesome hobby they do as well as GCN information and news and maybe even exclusive articles from our affiliates. 

To sign up to our Newsletter click here

  • An expansion to the Clubs Finder - as part of our aim to be a centre point of wargaming information we will be expanding the club listings to include non member clubs. But don't worry member clubs will have much more detailed listings as well as being shown as 'premier' clubs.
  • Adding a listing of Friendly Local Gaming stores to the website - showing off the fantastic stores that help grow this hobby, including a preferred trader status for those who take the time to support their local clubs.
  • The new style AGM - from this year the AGM will become a free event for our members held in association with our affiliates providing a look at what our member clubs do and maybe even special appearances by our affiliates
  • The GCNs' volunteers - At present we have a series of Regional Co-ordinators whose role is to support our member clubs, we are changing how this role works to ensure this aim can be met.
  • The GCN Mascot - To help provide a clear visual identity to use on all GCN promotional materials and help the GCN to stand out online at trade shows.

So rather than overload this one article with all the details on every one of those points I will be doing an article each day on one of the above changes. So make sure to check back each day to find out exactly what will be happening.

Dan Carroll