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The Club Listing Expansion

Dan Carroll

As mentioned in yesterdays article we are looking at how we can expand the Club Listings we have here on our website. The GCN is committed to providing the opportunity for individuals and Member Clubs to participate in the tabletop gaming hobby. 

At the moment our club finder lists all of our member clubs wherever they may be located, including being displayed on a map. They also get space to show themselves off, having their opening times, games played, pictures and more. Below are some examples:

In addition to the above listings member clubs can get their events such as tournaments advertised on our events calendar. 

The proposal to expand on this is to add a listing of non member clubs as well. This would entail a very basic description as shown below:

The listings on the Club Finder page would become:

Non member clubs will not be able to advertise their events like a member club can. Also whenever we share details of clubs with affiliates, such as with Warlord recently and their player map, this will only be GCN Member Clubs. The club listings we put in our publication such as the brochures and new Newsletter will only feature Member Clubs. 

As mentioned before with the GCNs purpose of providing opportunities for individuals and member clubs to participate in the hobby having a fully comprehensive listing enables this. This would also take us closer to being a centre point of tabletop gaming knowledge and increased traffic to the site means more people seeing the pages of our members.

A note will be placed at the top of the Club Finder page stating that the GCN Member Clubs hold themselves to a set standard including holding themselves to our Child Protection Policy and we readily recommended people attend them, however non member clubs are not held to the same standards as a GCN Member Club.

As this idea is a fundamental change to how the GCN has run though it is something that needs to be decided upon by the membership of the Network, therefore it will be voted upon at this years AGM.