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The GCN Newsletter

Dan Carroll

So it seems many of you have seen the article regarding the proposed changes to the Club Listings and it has started some fantastic discussions going with both positive and negative reception. 

Now we are going to go into some more detail on the new GCN Newsletter.

What we will be doing is producing a newsletter that will start of quarterly and as we expand upon its content and its subscribers we will move it all the way to being monthly. We will also be changing the format of how we do a newsletter compared those the Network has done before. Now rather than getting a PDF with all of the articles we will be using a service called Mailchimp which is fully integrated with our website. The result is an email looking something like the below:

In terms of content we will be featuring the following:

  • GCN News - Things such as AGM notices, renewal notices and any important announcements.
  • Member Clubs - We will be doing a regular piece on which new clubs have joined the Network since the previous Newsletter, an article covering upcoming events run by our member clubs, a regular club focus on our Members and more. We will also be sharing the club focus articles we do with Warlord Games who will be featuring one a week in their hobby focused newsletter.
  • Hobby articles - We will be featuring articles covering many aspects of the tabletop gaming hobby from reviews to battle reports to guides. This is a fantastic chance to help push your club out there and show off what you are doing as we are very keen for our Member Clubs to help provide these articles.
  • Affiliate exclusives - We are working with many of our affiliates to get articles you will only find in our newsletter. So far we have confirmation from Warlord Games of an article about what the big names in the industry such as Rick Priestley are upto.

Whereas previous Newsletters have only gone out to club contacts this one will be open to anyone and everyone. Signing up will be a simple form to fill on here on the site (going live August 29th) with the first Newsletter going out on October 1st.

As we want to get as big a reach we can to show off our Members and the Network both Warlord Games and Mantic Games will be doing a feature version of their individual newsletters focused on the GCN, the changes we are going through and our new Newsletter.