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The GCN Mascot

Dan Carroll

So we are on to our final article on changes coming to the GCN. The GCN Mascot!!

As part of wanting to increase the GCN's identity and visibility we are looking at creating a 'Mascot' in much the same way as The White Dwarf for Games Workshop or Blaine for Mantic Games. We feel having such a character would create an immediately recognisable (over time as it builds of course) visual on all GCN promotional materials, such as banners and T-shirts worn by GCN officials. 

We are currently in the process of getting some concept artwork drawn up for a character which will be presented to the Membership to decide on. However we are keen to see what our Members can come up with themselves. So if you are an artist or sculptor and want to knock up an idea for us, we are looking for something along the following lines:

  • Male or Female
  • Rugged hero type for features
  • Needs to be stylised and whatever equipment or armour needs to be something that can easily be modified to fit any genre or period.

With this we are also looking forward. That is having such a Mascot could allow us to produce models of it for our Members to exclusively get hold off (for which we have already had offers to produce from several of our affiliates), perhaps even running painting competitions on this model.