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Notice of 2018 Elections


Notice of 2018 Elections

Jez Fairclough


A number of unfortunate incidents over the last year contributed to the Council being forced to concentrate its efforts on rectifying the damage caused by a certain member’s actions.

Our work in this unfortunately meant we had to work to consolidate rather than advance the aims of the GCN and special thanks are in order to both Jez (Media Manager) and Tim (the former Secretary) for their efforts in bringing the Network back up to its full potential.

Due to the difficulty of getting members together due to work and family commitments this led to meetings taking place by Skype rather than in person.

This has also led to the delay in holding a GCN Annual General Meeting and therefore Elections to the Council from October 2017 to May 2018, which was also partly due to finding a suitable venue.


But enough excuses. The AGM, as notified before, will take place on 26 May at Mantic HQ in Nottingham. A number of participation games will be presented so that it will be more of an event as well as a meeting.  Member clubs are encouraged to bring players as these will be running all day. It will also be chance for members to see the latest Mantic offerings and inevitably spend money at the Mantic shop! Clubs who would like to run games should let the President, myself or the current Secretary, Michelle know in advance so that we can organise tables. If enough members attend, Mantic will be able to make hot food available (though you will have to buy this yourselves…).

The Elections

The Council has decided that these will be held twice this year (in May and in October) in order to ensure continuity* as every position is actually up for election. The May elections will be overseen by the President.

Elections for the Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Organiser will take place in May.

Elections for the President, Media Manager and Marketing Manager will take place in October.

*The reasons for this are simple, certain positions require the individual to be a signatory, or designated officer in regards to finance and certain professional areas such as Insurance. For example, as President, my personal address is taken as the GCN registered address for the banks and HMRC. At least three members are required to be signatories on the account. Transferring these, as we have found, is not always a straightforward and quick process!


Any nominee standing for a Council position must be a member of a GCN-registered club which is fully up to date with its membership.

That nominee must be over 18.

The nominee requires 4 nominations from GCN member clubs (which can include your own).  

The nominee must provide a basic manifesto. Who you are, your gaming background, what you’d like to achieve etcetera… It does not have to be elaborate, a single page should suffice just to give clubs an idea who they might be voting for.

Since most Council day-to-day business is conducted though the GCN Facebook we do have to ask that the nominee has access to and is comfortable with using this media.

I would also add that the work of a Council member does require the willingness to give time to the position. The Treasurer is expected to be able to prepare accounts and the Secretary position which now handles membership is particularly busy around September/October.

Basic details of what is expected of a nominee for each position** are given in the GCN Constitution, available on the website. We do ask for flexibility and Council members are expected where possible to attend shows and events and provide a public platform for the GCN.

Because of our planned expansion, these positions can be flexible as new areas are explored.  

**Regional Organiser: This position you will not find in the Constitution. Whilst it has been filled before, the position is a very fluid one, requiring the individual to organise a GCN gaming community in which member clubs (and non GCN clubs) take part in tournaments, shows and other events. 

The Process

Nominees should present their nominations and manifesto to the President by midnight 8th April 2018.

Nominations and Manifestos will be put up on the website for the 15th April 2018.

Clubs will be given the chance to vote directly for their preferred candidate in each position either online or by proxy at the AGM. Member Clubs have one vote for each position up for election. Online voting will run from 21st April until midnight 24th May.

Nominees will be expected to attend the AGM if possible where they will be introduced to the meeting and may give a short account of their manifesto.  This may be read out by a proxy if necessary.

There will then be a secret proxy vote. The proxy votes will be added to the online votes and the winning candidate will be elected to the Council***.

The term for a Council member is two AGMs or two years whichever is the longer. Events have skewed this over the last year or so, but the two AGMs this year will bring this back into line. 

***Unsuccessful candidates may well find themselves offered another position if one remains unfilled or if the meeting decides that other officers are required.


Nominees require 4 nominations and a manifesto to be submitted by 8th April 2018.

The nominee, or a proxy will be required to attend the AGM on the 26th May 2018.

Clubs will be able to vote once for each candidate either online from 21st April until 24th May 2018 or by proxy at the AGM meeting on the 26th May 2018.

Positions up for election are Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Organiser.


All correspondence, queries, etcetera pertaining to the Election should be sent to Dave Wise, the President at

All correspondence, queries, etcetera pertaining to the AGM should be sent to Dave Wise as above, or Michelle Naso at


Dave Wise