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GCN Update – 31 Aug 18


GCN Update – 31 Aug 18

Jez Fairclough


Following the more than disappointing turnout at the EGM, a letter was put out concerning the future of the GCN which effectively warned of its impending closure should the lack of volunteers and support continue.

There was quite a response from individuals and clubs, almost fully supportive of continuing the GCN.

As a result we have been able to co-opt an emergency Council, based on experience which in turn will attempt to bring the GCN back into relevance. However should the resurgence of support prove to be a damp squib, the GCN’s future will remain in flux. 

This is an update and notice.


 It has been confirmed that the GCN will hold an AGM on 1st December at the Warlord Games HQ in Lenton, Nottingham. There will be space for games and of course the Warlord shop will also be open.

The attendance of as many clubs as possible is desired and to facilitate this, the Council will be arranging a SKYPE facility for those who cannot attend in person.

The Emergency Council will be there in full and it will be a chance to for all of you to discuss and ask questions of the GCN and also shape its future course.

More details will be forthcoming as time goes on.


Confirmation has been received from Access Insurance of the premiums for 2018/2019.

Happily the basic cover remains the same as last year at £78.76

Clubs may continue to add additional sections of cover as they see fit.

Clubs already insured under this scheme will be receiving renewal terms within the next two weeks, so please be sure that your contact details have not changed from last year.

Should you have any queries, or indeed if you are a club wishing to join the scheme, you can contact John Fitzpatrick at

And please do not forget, payment of insurance fees is separate from payment of subs.


These remain at £20 for the year 2018/2019 and entitle the club to partake of the insurance and discount schemes and advertising within the GCN online and through other media.

These will be due for the end of September.

From October we will be relisting the clubs and removing those that have not paid their subs.

You may still renew through the web page.


IMPORTANT: Payments for Insurance and Subs are separate. They cannot be paid together.


Details will be given on the renewal notice issued by Access.

Subs (£20)

Are payable to the GCN. We currently accept payment through bank transfer or cheque.

Bank transfers may be made to

The Gaming Club Network

Barclays Bank


Sort Code: 20-37-13

Account No: 90443050

Please ensure that you reference either your club ID or club name.

Cheques are made payable to ‘the Gaming Club Network’

They can be sent to, the GCN, c/o 65 Church Street, Clowne, Derbyshire, S43 4BJ.

IMPORTANT: This is a change of the address given last year.

Please ensure that you reference either your club ID or club name.


Our Marketing Manager, Carl, has been working through the affiliates to confirm those discounts that are still active. These are listed below.

GCT Studio

Footsore Miniatures

Impact Miniatures

More will be listed as they come in and the website will be amended.

Mantic, Warlord and Battlefoam are currently under review. 


The GCN is more than just discounts and insurance, though it may well have seemed that way in more recent years. Affiliates are looking for more constructive ways of supporting clubs and these are some of the suggestions that have come in from those in the trade. These obviously do not apply in full to every affiliate but provide a broad swathe of ideas.

Promotion of GCN and member club events through the Affiliates own social media.

Support for registered GCN clubs with discounted starter products.

Involvement of the GCN and member clubs in the playtesting of new products.

Special Offers and deals at their own stores and show stands.

Tournament support packages

Use of facilities for free

Organised visits

Affiliates do not want to undercut their own distributors, the bricks and mortar games shops whom often offer their own discount schemes, but are also aware that many gamers in more remote areas may not have access to their products other than online.

If member clubs have more suggestions, they are most welcome to put them forward.

You may contact Carl at


The GCN already has a badge scheme for members and these are available from the Marketing Manager, but other ideas are being revived or instigated.

Currently the GCN has three banners, in the South, the Midlands and the North. Provided they are going to be used as they are quite expensive, we are willing to provide banners for other areas and even theme them accordingly. 

As far as shows, events and tournaments go, this would depend on the support of the clubs, so please do come to the AGM and tell us what you want.


Whilst we have well-designed web and Facebook pages, the time and effort in keeping them fresh and updated requires a lot of work which to date has relied on our Media Manager, Jez. We have also had issues with the host and the expense of doing this especially as payment currently has to be made through a private account, in this case provided by myself, and cannot be made by an organisation. This is not an efficient system for the GCN as when I step down, another member would have to agree to a direct debit from his or her VISA card (albeit reclaimed as expenses).

So with the help of the original designer, Gemma, our ‘techs’ under the Media Manager, will be looking at the current sites and doing some work  on the structure where necessary.  Some help has already been offered in this respect and I believe the AGM will be an excellent chance for prospective moderators to get together with Jez and Martyn. You can contact Jez at


The renewals and applications will be handled by myself and Nick, who has come on board temporarily to act as secretary. Martyn who has just agreed to the role of Regional Manager will be taking a closer look at the way the process is handled online.

Any queries concerning membership and/or the membership process should be sent to the and copied to the .


Whilst Martyn has taken on the role of Regional Manager, his first work will be on the Membership processes and the relocation of the online host. So for the moment this area will not be active. Should you have any thoughts or ideas for the future, you can contact Martyn at


The original idea of the EGM was to co-opt a new Council that would face elections at the AGM.

As it stands, we will only know the viability of the GCN to have a future by the AGM.

Therefore the election process will take place separately at a special AGM in the Spring. This will allow the current Council to complete the current project and enable time to make any necessary changes to the mandates and web contacts.   

Any questions, comments concerning Elections can be made to myself at

Dave Wise