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Offers Details

Footsore Miniatures

Jez Fairclough


Footsore Miniatures was established to provide high-quality metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures and continues to be principally sculpted by the same designer, Bill Thornhill.  Footsore Miniatures are now proud to be manufacturing in both the US and the UK providing our customers with a more efficient service.

In the US, Footsore Miniatures is owned by Bill Thornhill, who as well as designing the ranges, also runs the production and the show stands at all the main conventions. In the UK Footsore Miniatures is owned by Mark Farr and Andy Hobday, friends for over 20 years who collectively bring over 50 years of gaming experience.

Footsore Miniatures produce a range of miniatures covering Dark Age Miniatures suitable for Saga as well as there amazing Interwar years covering 1918-1939.

Footsore Miniatures is pleased to announce a 15% discount deal with GCN clubs. This discount doesn't cover items from Sarrisa and LBMS Transfers.  To access the deal just fill in the form below.


Lucid Eye Productions

Jez Fairclough


Lucid Eye Publications is a publisher of games, figures and collectibles. Check back for regular releases and get them here! Our two current ranges are the pulp phenomenon that is Savage Core and the pandimensional entity The Plot Device!


Lucid Eye Productions is pleased to announce a fantastic 10% discount across all its range to GCN clubs.  To obtain the discount please click and fill out the following form.

Megalith Games

Jez Fairclough


MEGALITH GAMES LTD. is a UK registered company founded in December 2008 by a core of two fanatical tabletop game experts, which would be us – David and André.

Our goal with this company is to focus on releasing innovative games, especially in the tabletop and roleplaying genres.

Although our company is registered in the UK and located in Germany, we consider ourselves to be a european company with an international focus, due to many business contacts in many different countries.

Our products will be distributed across Europe in several languages, and also overseas in the USA and in the asian markets.


Godslayer is the new tabletop skirmish game set in a mythic world of bronze and blood.
Looking for a fast-paced and ferocious game that also has tremendous realism and detail?

Well this is it!

Godslayer has achieved the game-designing “holy grail” of combining playability and detail into an intuitive rules system which allows an amazing array of options, strategies and depth, but is at the same time easy to learn and incredibly flexible and playable.
It can be played at squad level with 20-50+ models or as a true skirmish with just 5-6 models. This is because the rules have achieved an outstanding combination of playability and realism.

Godslayer is set in a mythical world inspired by classical and ancient cultures. We naturally draw a lot from the history and mythology of Greece, Rome, Persia ancient Celts and ancient Germans, but the world itself is a dark and exotic realm of sword and sorcery where empires battle, spear and shield, for their very survival.

Megalith Games is pleased to announce a 20% discount across its range to GCN Club members.  To obtain the code for the deal please click on the button below.

Hysterical Games

Dan Carroll

Hysterical Games are the company which specialise in hysterical accuracy! Our growing range of 'Historo-Fantasy' figures is expanding at a steady rate for our flagship game, Panzerfäuste, the game of mechanised warfare in a mythical realm! We are also proud to include a number of other historo-fantasy figures from other manufacturers including Maveryc and CP Models. 

Hysterical Games is happy to announce that members of GCN may reap the benefit of membership with these special offers. 

PLATOON - The Platoon bundle is perfect for a group interested in Panzerfäuste Skirmish. Spend at least £100 on figures and receive a Gnome Building (worth £20) of your club's choice for free! 

COMPANY - The Company bundle is great for clubs with a high membership, or for a smaller club seeking bigger battles! Spend at least £300 on figures and receive a full Gnome Village pack (worth £80) totally free!

LEGION - Fancy dipping your toes into the mad world of S.P.Q.oRc? If a club purchases a copy of Pax Bochemannica, we will include a free pack of Noman Orc Legionnaires!

COHORT - The Cohort is our mega bundle for Maveryc's S.P.Q.oRc! For every 4 copies of Pax Bochemannica you buy, we will supply you with 4 Blister packs of your choice absolutely free!

All of our bundles are POSTAGE FREE to the UK. 

To get access to these amazing deals all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.

You can find out more about Hysterical Games here and here

Peachey Models

Jez Fairclough

Peachey Models

Peachey models is excited to offer an exclusive discounts to the GCN Membership on KR Multicases.

At present Peachey Models retails all KR Multicase products to the public with up to 25% off RRP, Peachey Models is one of the only organisations other than KR themselves who are able to sell ALL of KR's Custom products. 

This is because Peachey Models has a relationship directly with KR and does not buy the products via a distributor, this means all of the products come direct from KR's factory in Essex and Peachey Models is in a fantastic position to offer GCN Clubs a massive discounts.

Peachey Models KR Pricelist can be found here.

As all the products are available, the pricelist only represents the most popular cases, if you cant find the product you are looking for, please contact Richard for pricing and delivery options.
@PeacheyModels on Twitter
@Peachey on

Peachey Models, "THE Value alternative to commission services", owned and operated by Richard Peachey, has been in business since 2013, offering a commission painting service to the masses. 

Richard has been in the modelling hobby for over 23 years, been in wargaming since 1997 and was a member of one of the founding GCN Clubs!

Because of his close ties to the GCN and wargaming community, he is also extending an offer of a small discount to commissioned works also!

Terms and Conditions Apply (

All orders need to be sent to with the discount code.

To get access to either of these amazing deal's all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form below.

Battle foam

Jez Fairclough

Battle Foam® specializes in custom cut foam packaging for miniatures, weapons, medical equipment and many other applications. Battle Foam® also manufactures custom transportation bags and containers. These products work perfectly with the patent pending cutting system that Battle Foam® uses to create virtually any storage solution.

Battle Foam® works directly with many miniature industry giants to manufacture detailed products suited for their customers. Offering such services as, design, product research, development, proto typing, warehousing, and logistics makes working with Battle Foam® a valuable joint venture.

The mission at Battle Foam® is to create the best possible products our customers require. The highly trained staff of design, sales, and production personnel guarantees a superior product no other business can match. At Battle Foam®, you will get the best possible service and support. 

Battle Foam is pleased to offer UK GCN Clubs a 10% discount on purchases from its UK Webstore.  Just input the coupon code at check out.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form below.

To find out more about Battle Foam and what it has on offer click here.

Warploque Miniatures

Jez Fairclough

Warploque Miniatures are creators of the amazing 32mm Skirmish game Arcworlde.  The range contains some truly fantastic Units and some beasts that will keep any soldier of the Empire awake for many nights to come.

Warploque Miniatures is please to give all GCN Clubs a 20% Discount on all orders £100 and over.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.  This is then in-putted during the checkout phase of your order.

To find out more about Warloque Miniatures you can click here.

Interested in finding out a bit more about the game have a look at the following video.

You can also read a great review of the game here.

Roll Jordan Miniatures

Jez Fairclough

Roll Jordan are produces of fine Fantasy Football teams.

Roll Jordan are offering GCN clubs a discount of 20% on all orders €50 or greater.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.  The code along with your order needs to be mailed to

Roll Jordan is also offering 15% discount on all orders from the Mika 1881 Miniature Range.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.  The code along with your order needs to be mailed to

To find out more about Roll Jordan Miniatures you can click here.

RN Estudio

Jez Fairclough

RN Estudio are purveyors of fine quality 3D designed Resin miniatures.  Ranging from there Fantasy Football range to there from The Wastelands Range.

RN Estudio is pleased to offer GCN Clubs a 20% discount on its web-store.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.  This is then in-putted during the checkout phase of your order.

To find out more about RN Estudio click here.

DMB Games

Jez Fairclough

DMB Games is a company that produces High Quality games, designed by Gamers for Gamers.

DMB is offer GCN Clubs a 15% discount on it's range which includes it Dungeon Tiles and Rosebyrne Manor.

To get access to this amazing deal all you need to do is click the button below and fill out the form.  This is then in-putted during the checkout phase of your order.


To find out more about DMB games click here.

Impact Miniatures

Jez Fairclough

Impact! Miniatures was started by gamers to bring to life gaming products for the community on April 24, 2006. Impact! brings a mix of miniatures that they felt were missing along with conversion sprues to help gamers make better custom pieces. Impact! also aims to help the community by giving an easy outlet for amateur sculptors to have their work cast or for tournament organizers to have their own custom giveaways created.

Impact! Miniatures is offering a 20% Discount on all orders over £50.  All orders need to be sent to  IMPACTMINIATURES@GMAIL.COM with the discount code.

To obtain the code for this amazing order you need to apply through the form below, just click on the button and complete the details.


To find out more about Impact! Miniatures click here.

Artistic Impressions

Jez Fairclough

Artistic Impressions is a large format digital printers based in the UK. They specialise in the production of 3x3’, 6x3’ & 6x4’ gaming mats for the likes of Star Wars X Wing/Armada & Warhammer 40k.

Artistic Impressions are offering not 1, but 2 fantastic offers.

Offer 1. 15% Off single mat orders.

Offer 2. Buy one – Get second mat 40% off.

Which works out:
• 2 x 6x4’ Mats For £88 Normally £110
• 2 x 6x3’ Mats For £72 Normally £90
• 2 x 3x3’ Mats For £51 Normally £62

To get the codes for these for these great offers click on the following buttons.

To find out more about Artistic Impressions you can either look at there Website or Facebook page.

Bandua Wargames

Dan Carroll


Bandua Wargames is a company that is born from the passion of some wargames fans, from the common interest of making it grow and develop even more inside of our borders.

Bandua Wargames seeks to offer its clients not only good products but also quality and services in everything that surround the sale. Clear information, quality in shipping, a variety in forms of communication and payment methods, game aids, reviews...

20% Discount

Bandua Wargames are offering an amazing 20% discount off of their products!!

To access this fantastic deal, all you need to do is fill in the form below and Bandua will contact you with an order form to get your discount!

To find out more about Bandua Wargames click here

Frontline Gaming

Jez Fairclough

Frontline Gaming is a US distributor of Wargames accessories and Hobby Supplies.

Frontline has recently opened a UK distribution centre and is offering GCN member clubs a 30% discount off of MSRP on its FAT Mat Range, where 16 or more mats are purchased.

To access this amazing offer just fill out the form below;

Now if that offer isn't for you Frontline have a 2nd offer up and running.  Order at least 4 MATS and you get free shipping.


Once you have either of the codes you then need to mail it along with your order to

To see what Mats we have on offer click here.

Games & Gears

Dan Carroll




Games & Gears produce high quality, amazingly detailed injection molded plastic deluxe gaming boards & hobby brush lines.


Games & Gears are offering a 5% discount to GCN member clubs. This covers the entire range they manufacture!

As always fill out the form to get the code

To find out more about Games & Gears click here

GCT Studios

Dan Carroll

GCT Studios are proud to offer Gaming Club Network members two great offers:

60% Starter set discount

Order any four Bushido starter sets and two rulebooks and get 60% off of the RRP. This is available to all member clubs once.

To access this awesome deal fill out the form below!

20% Discount

We are offering an ongoing 20% discount on all our products to all GCN member clubs.

To access this awesome deal fill out the form below!

To find out more about GCT and Bushido click here; GCT Studio.

Sector 22 Gaming

Dan Carroll

Sector 22 Gaming is a company based in Doncaster that produces a fantastic range of gaming mats covering a great range of battlefields from grasslands and snow fields to the depths of space!

15% discount

Sector 22 are offering an amazing 15% discount on their complete range of PVC gaming mats to all GCN member clubs! 

To access this awesome deal fill out the form below!

To find out more about Sector 22 click here

Warlord Games

Dan Carroll

Warlord Games currently offer 2 deals to GCN member clubs:

10% Discount

 Warlord offer a 10% discount on all products (excluding special offers) to all current GCN member clubs through their webstore. The discount is in the form of a code to use on the Warlord Games Website. The code is to be held by a single member of each club and all they need to do is click the button below and fill in the form.

50% Starter Set Discount 

All member clubs can get a copy of any of the below Warlord Games starter set at a discounted rate of 50%:

  • Black Powder
  • Bolt Action - Armoured Fury
  • Bolt Action - Band of Brothers
  • Pike & Shotte
  • Judge Dredd
  • Hail Ceaser

Each club can claim one of these packs, just click the button below and fill in your details. These will then be passed onto Warlord who will contact you to arrange the set.

Forlorn Hope Games

Dan Carroll

Forlorn Hope Games is a UK based company that produces and sells high-quality 28mm miniatures for wargamers, painters, modelers and collectors.  Among the ranges we produced are Ming Chinese, Wako Pirates, Somali Pirates, Roger’s Rangers and Fantasy Armies of the Far East. Among the products we resell are eM-4 and Vallejo paints.

20% Discount

Forlorn Hope are offering member clubs a 20% discount on orders over £100. This includes almost the entire range they stock - miniatures, accessories, merchandise and games they produce themselves!

Fill out the form to get the code!

To find out more about Forlorn Hope click here.

Mad Bob Miniatures

Jez Fairclough

Mad Bob Miniatures are producers of High Quality 28mm - 1/56th scale vehicles for World War II

The Discount for GCN members is 10% and you can request the discount code by clicking on this handy button and fill out the form.

To find out more about Mad Bob Miniatures click here: Mad Bob