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Megalith Games

Jez Fairclough


MEGALITH GAMES LTD. is a UK registered company founded in December 2008 by a core of two fanatical tabletop game experts, which would be us – David and André.

Our goal with this company is to focus on releasing innovative games, especially in the tabletop and roleplaying genres.

Although our company is registered in the UK and located in Germany, we consider ourselves to be a european company with an international focus, due to many business contacts in many different countries.

Our products will be distributed across Europe in several languages, and also overseas in the USA and in the asian markets.


Godslayer is the new tabletop skirmish game set in a mythic world of bronze and blood.
Looking for a fast-paced and ferocious game that also has tremendous realism and detail?

Well this is it!

Godslayer has achieved the game-designing “holy grail” of combining playability and detail into an intuitive rules system which allows an amazing array of options, strategies and depth, but is at the same time easy to learn and incredibly flexible and playable.
It can be played at squad level with 20-50+ models or as a true skirmish with just 5-6 models. This is because the rules have achieved an outstanding combination of playability and realism.

Godslayer is set in a mythical world inspired by classical and ancient cultures. We naturally draw a lot from the history and mythology of Greece, Rome, Persia ancient Celts and ancient Germans, but the world itself is a dark and exotic realm of sword and sorcery where empires battle, spear and shield, for their very survival.

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